Why choose us

We Capture
At Eiredrone, we have the on-site expertise to conduct a complex and safe drone flight from start to finish.

How is this done?
Well, firstly we pre-plan all of our flights, checking airspace, weather conditions, and other area specific permissions.

At this early stage, we also pre-plan our flight routes and emergency landing areas, ensuring optimum efficiency and safety during flights.

We have a wide range of varying drones that we specially select based on the task at hand and the clients budget.
We quality check all of our raw data on site to ensure it is fit for purpose during the processing stage of our workflow.
We Process
Once the raw data is captured and quality checked,
we select from a range of software suits to compile the raw dataset into an actionable, precise, and complete deliverable to our client.

As Engineers, we understand the deliverables required by our clients on a technical level and work backwards through the processing stage to determine the software and processing parameters that will yield the best results for our clients specific requirement.
We provide deliverables to our clients in a wide range of formats, covering software packages including AutoCAD, Solidworks, Civil 3D, ArchiCAD, Blender, Rhino, and many more.

Three dimensional models can be uploaded to an online interactive viewing platform at the request of the client.

This allows multiple teams to view and collaborate on the same platform at the same time.

How we do it?

"The backbone of how we transform our raw data into an accurate and insightful end deliverable is combining our experience, expertise, and the most up to date drone equipment."
At Eiredrone we have been flying drones since 2016, giving us extensive years of experience in the drone industry. But experience can only get you so far, and that is why we are constantly updating our equipment with the ever evolving drone industry.
Our flagship drone is the DJI M300RTK. This is a versatile drone, able to carry an extensive range of DJI and third party payloads ranging from RGB cameras and LiDAR payloads, to ground penetrating radars and bathymetry solutions.
The M3E is a compact mapping and inspection guru. This little drone is quickly deployable, but also capable of capturing centimeter level accuracy through its onboard RTK module. The smart-oblique feature makes capturing details 3D models very efficient and repeatable.

Why we do it?

"Although, we are Pilots, Engineering is our first love"
As Engineers, we are constantly looking for ways to troubleshoot problems, increase efficiency, develop workflows, and ensure safety.

What this all boils down to is cost savings. Drones are cool to look at and have a certain sense of awe about them but if it is not saving our clients money then it is just costing them money.

We deploy drones to conduct labour intensive tasks more efficiently, to remove humans from dangerous environments, and to identify issues, all leading to increased savings for our valued clients.
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