Progress Monitoring

Using precise and repeatable waypoint missions, drones make construction progress monitoring simple and efficient.

Full site maps with annotations or linework can be generated. Visually compare design drawings with an as-built top down map, compare weekly, or even daily construction progress.

We can cover construction sites of any size, from a few acres to a few hundred acres. Our CAD Technicians can generate planimetrics to help zone construction site areas.

Site Safety

The best way to gather safety information about your construction site is from a top down perspective.

Fortunately, drones cover all areas of a construction site. High resolution images enable safety managers to zoom in on areas of concern with minimal degradation in quality.

The non-invasive nature of drones allows in-depth inspection without the need to shut down any of the construction site. Images are time stamped and contain GPS information enabling image location to be identified, should a safety concern arise.

3D Modelling

Using a combination of top down and oblique imagery, we can create detailed and relatively accurate 3D models of construction sites. These 3d models can be delivered in a mesh or Revit file format. The Revit file is based on the point cloud of the construction site. The 3d Revit model can be compared against the design Revit file for an informative and visually pleasing comparison.

Animations of the construction site can also be created. This is especially useful if implementing a piece of large machinery on site like a crane for example. Designers can now animate the movement and turning circle of the crane with a ‘real-world’ representation.

Cut and Fill Analysis

Monitor the amount of material being removed or added to your construction site. Earth is constantly being moved around construction sites and keeping track of how much moved where is troublesome at the best of times. Creating a series of successive digital terrain models of a construction site allows monthly, weekly, even daily analysis of earth movement and the costs associated with this movement.

Accurate cut/fill analysis can help plan for future haulage costs. Using an in-depth report we can divide on site stockpiles into useable and waste materials, to help calculate potential profit or disposal costs.


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