3D Modelling

At Eiredrone, we use a variety of methods to capture the data that forms the building blocks of our 3D models. These methods include images, light detection and ranging (LiDAR), or a combination of both. Our experts will select the most suitable method of data collection based on the project environment and our clients needs.

3D models can vary from basic geometry to highly detailed models with accurate projected textures for both engineering and inspection purposes. Our 3d models can be imported into a wide range of CAD modelling software packages including Revit, AutoCAD, Solidworks, and Solid Edge.

Our CAD technicians can provide 3d Revit models, 2D and 3D linework, or simple building metrics such as roof pitch and area.


Convert 3D spatial and building data into actionable engineering deliverables. We can drape 3d linework on any object and project it into 2d plans or elevations. As standard all of our linework is projected into Irish Transvers Mercator horizontal and Malin Head vertical projections. We can project line work into any coordinate system of your choice upon request.

Building Information Modelling

Through combining internal laser scanning with external photogrammetry/laser scanning a complete building information point cloud is formed. This point cloud can be highly accurate once the correct control measures are implement with high precision equipment.

The point cloud can be exported as a deliverable or transformed into a Revit Building Information Model (BIM). This model can include basic building features such a windows and doors, or more advanced features similar to pipework or ducting systems.

Laser Scanning

We conduct both terrestrial laser scanning and aerial laser scanning to cover our scans in all directions, providing our clients with a complete dataset of their buildings or assets. Laser scans can be highly accurate once the correct control measures are implement with high precision equipment. Eiredrone provides a quality report with all of our laser scan registered models to ensure that the data meets or clients requirements.


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