Volumetric Surveys

Our volumetric surveys can range from a few acres to a few thousand acres in a single day. We can provide both photogrammetric and LiDAR volumetric surveys to suit a range of clients requests.

Volumetric surveys can be captured over a series of site visits and compared, or we can compare surveyed data against design data to determine metrics like cut/fill, cost of haulage, and progress of civil works/quarrying.

Eiredrone also provides stockpile volumetric surveys. Stockpile surveys can be used to record fluctuations of aggregate over time, accurately calculate overburden to be removed, or calculate the monetary value of stockpiles. We provide a comprehensive stockpile analysis report, clearly identifying individual stockpiles, stockpile material, and key stockpile metrics for clear and concise decision making.

Topographic Surveys

We generate detailed topographical surveys based on a combination of aerial and GNSS data. In order to capture the correct data we work backwards from the clients deliverables. In fact when planning a topographic project we start at the end. Understanding the required deliverables helps us to determine the correct processing parameters and software. Once we have the optimum processing workflow in place, we start to plan our data acquisition technique. Deliverables of topographical surveys include:

- 2D/3D Technical Drawing
- Contour Map-Digital Terrain Model
- Digital Surface Model
- Grid of points

Each deliverable can be exported into various formats compatible with software such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, Revit, Civil 3D, ArchiCAD, and Blender.

For topographical surveys with areas of dense vegetation or low level bushes and scrub, we provide a LiDAR surveying service. LiDAR uses laser pulses to survey the topography of a landscape in real time. The laser pulses can penetrate through small gaps in the tree canopy to contact the ground beneath and return the ground data to the LiDAR sensor.

Building Surveys

Fusing laser scan data, terrestrial image data, aerial LiDAR/image data, and GNSS data enables us to give our clients a complete building survey. We create a digital twin of the real world asset. This digital twin forms the base from which we recreate the building in 3D modelling software. This 3D model gives both 2D and 3D deliverables from a full 3D Revit model to 2D building plans and façade technical drawings.

Flood Analysis

Capturing vast areas accurately is second nature to drone surveying. A trade-off of having this data is the ability to plug it into multiple analysis software packages and understand how the landscape will behave in various scenarios. One particular scenario of interest is flood analysis.

Importing the landscape as a Digital Surface Model or Digital Terrain Model into 3D modelling software allows us to rise the sea level in increments to see how the water distributes around the landscape. Based on this analysis, modifications to the existing landscape can be suggested to relieve or prevent flooding.


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