Structural and Conditional Inspections

Heritage sites have stood the test of time, which generally leaves them a bit worse for wear. We use drones to inspect dangerous areas of heritage sites where it would be generally unsafe to put a human. Drones also gather conditional data form all angles, including the elevated areas that would be in accessible without platform aids such as scaffolding.

With high resolution cameras our drones can capture details down to a small crack in a structural stone or a bolt missing in reinforcing steel plates. The versatility of drones allows us to also capture very wide angle images of the heritage site, gathering as much data in a single frame as possible.

3D Modelling and Virtual Restorations

At Eiredrone, we are very passionate about conserving the past to educate the future generations. One step we have taken to accelerate this conservation is creating digital twins of heritage sites. A digital twin is an exact digital replica of the heritage site in its current condition at the time of capture. Fortunately, unlike the real thing, digital twins do not degrade over time and can be seen in current condition by people hundreds if not thousands of years afterwards.

In addition to creating digital twins, we have embarked on a journey of virtually rebuilding heritage structures to their former glory. Using a combination of drone data and laser scanning we can capture a heritage structure in its entirety. Artists impressions help us to build the missing pieces of the puzzle in advanced 3D modelling software and combine them with the digital twin to form a complete site/structure. These virtually rebuilt 3D models are excellent AR models to enhance visitors experience at heritage sites all over the country.

Lidar Site Surveys

The key advantage of a LiDAR survey over all other surveying methods is the ability to penetrate through gaps in vegetation to capture the ground data beneath. LiDAR also builds the 3D point cloud of a heritage site in real time so the quality of the data being collected can be immediately checked. We have a range of LiDAR options available to suit all budgets, and can potentially cover over one hundred acres in a single flight.

Some key deliverables from a LiDAR survey are digital terrain models, digital surface models, 3D dense point clouds, and a topographic survey including contour lines.

Laser Scanning

We use laser scanning to capture the inside and outside detail of heritage sites, capturing minute details with millimeter accuracy. Merging aerial point cloud data with laser scanning data increases the accuracy of the aerial data and gives a complete dataset to our clients. Key deliverables from a laser scan point cloud is 2D and 3D AutoCAD drawings, Building Information Model, and a floor plan of the heritage site/structure.


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