RGB Mapping

RGB (Red/Green/Blue Mapping) is the name given to ‘standard or normal’ image mapping. RGB mapping can achieve very high resolution and consistent detail over vast areas. Rather than sorting through hundreds or even thousands of images to identify an item of interest, high resolution maps are created by stitching and blending the raw images into an orthomosaic. The high resolution images are captured using the latest drone technology, providing a more efficient, accurate, and safer solution.

Geolocating high resolution maps into their correct reference location, gives additional metrics such as:

- 2D measurements
- Planar area measurements
- Planimetrics
- Direct and accurate comparisons
- Precise Easting and Northing identification

NVDI Mapping

NDVI stands for Normalized Difference Vegetation Index. NDVI is calculated using the near infrared and red wavelengths or types of light captured by a drone equip with a multispectral sensor. NDVI is used to measure the greenness or health of plants/crops/trees. Using this data we can determine:

- Overall plant health in large areas
- Target areas for fertilization/irrigation
- Invasive weed locations
- Disease detection
- Water stress detection

Areas of poor plant health or high water stress can be exported in a format that is compatible with smart agricultural machinery. Targeting precise areas reduces the amount of fertilizer/pesticides used, leading to cost savings, time savings, and reducing leeching of harmful chemicals into rivers and streams.

Thermal Mapping

Thermal maps cover a broad range of industries including building/asset inspections, firefighting, search and rescue, and energy rating analysis. We capture thermal imagery and rgb imagery simultaneously. These maps can be imported as layers in viewing software to directly correlate the thermal and rgb map. Thermal range legends are provided with our thermal maps for ease of interpretation.


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