Digital Twin

Using RTK enabled drones we can create a geometrically accurate and aesthetically pleasing digital twin of telecom towers and lattice structures. Models includes minute details such as connections, sineage, fixings, and rust identification.

We have different processing workflows based on the complexity of the tower structure and the volume of assets mounted on a tower. Each workflow ensures the highest quality of 3d textured mesh and point cloud density, providing reliable and complete data.

Asset Inspection

Remove the need to hire expensive equipment to get an in-depth inspection of telecom assets by letting a drone conduct the whole inspection in a matter of minutes. Pre-programmed flight paths capture telecom assets from every possible angle. High resolution imagery enables post process zoom capabilities without degradation in quality. See objects a small as rust developing in the head of a bolt or a frayed cable.

Our inspection drones have 360 degrees obstacle avoidance for the highest possible level of safety.

Line of Sight Survey

Line of Sight SurveyLine of sight surveys can be conducted within minutes with minimal equipment needed on site. By hovering the drone at the lowest asset mounted on the tower we use high powered zoom cameras with up to 20X lossless zoom and up to 200X digital zoom to focus in on the adjacent tower.

Using a similar approach we can determine the minimum asset height required on newly erected towers to ensure line of sight with other adjacent towers.


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