Multispectral Mapping

Additional plant health information that is not visible to the human eye can be captured by a multispectral camera. The multispectral camera records green, red, near infrared, rededge, and RGB data all in one single flight.

This multispectral data can be processed into a normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) map that shows plant health. The areas of poor plant health are easily identified and the areas can be segregated for exportation into smart spraying and spreading machinery.

Water Stress /Irrigation Mapping

We use a high resolution 640x512px thermal camera to capture thermal images along a pre-programmed flight path, ensuring every inch of your field is covered comprehensively.

The thermal images are stitched and blended to generate a large thermal field map. Areas of high water stress are highlighted as lighter coloured areas, and require irrigation.

Hedgerow Condition/Density Survey

Regularly inspecting the condition of hedgerows is extremely important for the health and welfare of livestock. Creating a large 2D map of the entire farm boundary is a comprehensive way of allowing landowners to visualize and rectify damaged hedgerows or broken fences.

A detailed 3D point cloud of a farm hedgerow network can be generated using LiDAR. LiDAR gathers information of the ground level under the hedgerow. Using filtering methods the hedgerow can be separated form the ground points. This separated hedgerow network is a key metric in calculating the hedgerow density that can help towards carbon credits.


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